Polarity Reversal Disrupts
Balanced Energy Flow

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Your body is a brilliant, delicately balanced machine. Polarity reversal disrupts your finely choreographed energy system causing a short circuit type response to your life force or chi.

Tiny pathways, known as meridians, run throughout your body delivering electrical charges of energy to your organs, endocrine system and cells. When this becomes disrupted, polarity reversal happens.

Your energy system is often referred to as being like a car battery. If your car battery dies, in order to start the engine, you need to make the right connection with jumper cables. As you know, it’s critical to be sure and connect your cables properly. If you don’t, you blow out your engine.

You probably suffer from polarity reversal if you feel:

  1. stressed out
  2. fatigue
  3. brain fog
  4. clumsiness
  5. headaches
  6. overall feeling of malaise
  7. you get sick and healing doesn’t happen or takes longer

What Causes Polarity Reversal?

Your intricate meridian system is easily blown for several reasons. Some are:

  • Dehydration: Lack of clean, fresh water interferes with proper electrical impulses
  • Computers
  • Cell phones
  • Tv’s
  • Florescent lights
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Other people

We are all energy fields – we emit energy and we receive energy. Whether you realize it or not, you are sensitive to other people’s energy.

Maybe you are familiar to feeling the temperature or temperament when someone your don’t get alone with enters a room. The room may become colder, you may start to sweat, or stiffen up.

The negative energy flowing from the other person can cause polarity reversal in you.

Since we are all natural energy beings, we are susceptible to reversed energy from man-made electrical forces.

It’s a good idea to correct your polarity when you work around electronic whether you feel reversed or not.

Stress and trauma sets off our electrical system and sends jolts of negative energy through us, causing a reversal. Emotional healing helps keep your polarity flowing the right direction easier.

Polarity Reversal Correction

Reestablishing proper energy flow throughout your meridians is typically pretty simple and takes a couple of minutes at most.

Here’s how:

1) Pinch fingers of one hand together, as if picking up something small off the floor.

Polarity correction finger position

2) Place fingertips about an inch or so below your belly button. Your belly button area represents your conception vessel that flows upwards to your chin.

Polarity reversal correction belly button point

3) Use fingertips of other hand and tap on under-side of hand (same side as little finger) that is holding belly button spot.

The little finger side of your hand represents the Small Intestine Meridian which is associated with psychological reversal. (sorry no photo)

4) Alternate tapping between side of hand and under nose. Under your nose represents the opposite end of your Governing Meridian.

Polarity reversal correction under nose position

Continue to tap between your side of hand and under nose while holding belly button point. Be sure and breathe in and out while tapping. Do this for at least 10 – 15 seconds.

You may or may not feel your energy “shift” depending on how sensitive you are to noticing energy.

In addition to the above tapping, while holding the belly button point, you can tap on the top of your head to help you focus.

Note: Tapping on your collar bone area (down from center of your collarbone and over to the right – about an inch) while holding the belly button point is a great way for stress relief. This is where your Kidney Meridian and adrenal gland are represented.

Polarity reversal is common. But if you find yourself being reversed often associated with emotional trauma you can get help for that.

Energy healing can quickly get to the bottom of your stored up pain and suffering and get you on the path to finding happiness.

Here are more simple relaxation techniques: Balance cortices, Deep breathing with added color and energy movement.