About Wendy Baldwin

Growing up and feeling abandoned by family and God, Wendy deeply believed she was a colossal mistake. She apologized for being born and sought ways to numb the deep, never ending torment of rejection and feeling like a “pain in the ass” to everyone.

 Given up for adoption at birth, abandoned by her adopted mother at 18 months, sent away to live in a commune/cult setting at age 10 where she lived for 9 months without family and raised in a home of constant turmoil, Wendy nearly gave up several times.

By the age of 15, she hit a wall and could no longer digest life. It was too much. Too hard. She became physical and emotionally sick.

Fortunately an unexplainable inner “knowing” kept her going and lead her down a winding, beautiful path to self discovery... And healing. Along the way, she met amazing, supportive people (earth angels to her) who walked beside her, loved her and cheered her on.

Since the 4th grade, Wendy deeply believed (without explanation as to why) that God would never inflict upon us a disease that we could not heal naturally. She held on to this life line as she eventually sought help to save herself.

Over time, she came to understand that God doesn't inflict disease upon us. We do that to ourselves as a result of emotional pain and suffering. 

She also came to a place of deep knowing that she was NOT a mistake. She was never abandoned by God. Instead, she was surrounded by the love and support of the universe.

Deep gratitude for discovering self-healing and the deep desire to help others do the same lead Wendy to pursue ways to help as many people as possible who suffered as well. She quickly started learning and absorbing everything she could about self-healing and how the mighty Universe works.

Once she got a taste for joy, better health and a new found sense of love, she eagerly sought ways to deepen that connection. Now she shares what she’s learned with others who are eager to heal and rise above the chaos.

Wendy is trained in over 7 energy healing modalities and is a constant student, learning from masters, teachers and the Universe. She uses a large energetic “tool box” to help others heal. She also helps people reach their goals, dreams and desires through coaching. She quickly learned that having a coach is key to staying on track and the importance of a solid support team for reaching higher in life.

Recently, Wendy discovered that she is a natural speaker and started sharing her passion with groups. She's also a writer with several books in various stages of completion.

Wendy is a healer, motivational speaker, Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Master Spiritual Coach. She is known for her gentle, loving spirit and her authentic desire to help others feel better and get the most out of life.

She is knows as a transmitter of joy and love.


"Love, love, love you Wendy. Thank you. You are awesome!"

Jodi Eaglesham

"Your presentation gives comfort to know there is this space to confide in someone who one can open up to and find answers and also having one's deepest secrets protects. Spiritual empowerment."

Junie C.

"Wendy you were enlightening! You manifest wisdom, energy and healing."

Linda S.