What A Few People Have To Say...

*Note: Due to strict FDA and FTC rules in the USA, only a few testimonials appear here as a light sampling of what others have said. NEVER choose an energy healer based solely on testimonials.

Below is a sample of what people say about working with me...

Endorsement from the radio...

"At ACC NEWS we carefully screen every guest featured on our show to assure that we have the best people available to help anyone of our listeners in need of assistance.  Wendy Lee Baldwin is by far one the best and most QUALIFIED Healing & Wellness Coaches in the U.S."


Letting go of the past on the deepest level...

"Over time, I've worked with many holistic healers. I carried a nagging issue that, no matter whom I worked with, would not release and heal. The day that I met Wendy, she picked up on something that was going on inside me and instantly I knew that she was "the one”.

Wendy lovingly guided me through my big issue. She helped me heal around a money trauma, reconnect to Source energy, and an issue from my childhood. Even though I had already done a level of healing on these areas in the past, they continued to upset me. 

Through the process, what I discovered was the ability to heal on increasingly deeper levels. This included forgiveness on multiple levels that I didn't realize required more and deeper forgiving. Ultimately, it’s all about the willingness and courage to love myself more.

After the session, I felt free, expansive and grateful that I met Wendy. I highly recommend her to my friends and colleagues. She has a unique ability to hold us in such a coherent state of Love, that, in her presence, one simply entrains there."

Elizabeth Reveley - Honolulu

Letting go of old beliefs and finding peace...

"I've worked with Wendy on specific issues and have found tremendous results. During our sessions, she has masterfully guided me to healing. Each time I am able to process and release beliefs that no longer serve me.  I experience a shift that leaves me grounded and confident and feeling complete.  Wendy's deep caring and personal commitment to healing is strong.  I wish that I could give all my loved ones this experience of healing."

Karen Mendes - Honolulu

Back pain gone...back to her beloved yoga!

"My lower back was experiencing pain and discomfort which interfered with my yoga classes as well as daily life. Wendy worked with me for less than an hour on this and the pain stopped. She not only helped me release and heal the pain, but the process also helped me heal a deep rooted issue from the past that was connected to a tragic family event. I'm back to my yoga, pain free and significantly happier over all.

Wendy Baldwin is my "go-to" healer and one of the only people I trust to help me when needed."

Joy Alboro, Honolulu - Oct. 18, 2016

She changed her life forever...

"I was referred to Wendy Baldwin by my very dear friend, “Goddess Healer”.  I had been having medical issues for so many years that I could not remember when it actually started.  I was insulin dependent diabetic, I had Temporal arteritis with blindness in my left eye as a result, Parkinson’s Disease, Asthma, extreme pain all over, depression…all of which were auto-immune conditions.  I was on eleven separate prescribed medications.

  I met “Goddess Healer” in 2008 when we both attended the same conference in Canada where she was a presenter.  After the conference, I emailed her and told her what her presentation had done for me.  We have become very close friends and talk quite frequently on the phone.

One day, “Goddess Healer” suggested that it was time for me to contact Wendy Baldwin (I had talked to her one other time and it was awesome.) and perhaps start having some sessions with her.  Since my friend had never steered me wrong in the past, I decided to give it a try. 

After my first session with Wendy, she asked if I thought it would be beneficial to have weekly sessions.  I immediately said “Yes” and we made arrangements for our sessions.  My next thought was, “Buckle up, Buttercup!  You’re going for a ride!”  I was not wrong and what a ride it has been.

When we first started working together in March of this year (2016), I was so broken, that I could not look into the mirror and see anything but hideous.  When I look now, I see the “real” me…a me that is beautiful, glowing and full of love.

This ride that I/we have been on has been filled with love, tears, fear, and healing…very deep healing.  None of it has been done alone because Wendy has been there for and with me every step of the way.  She has challenged me, cajoled me, and cried with me.  But most of all, Wendy has loved me unconditionally. 

I can now say that I am no longer diabetic and going off all medications (that is the intent).  At this time I have had 85 to 90 percent of the vision restored in my left eye, I am pain free, I am loving life and especially myself and I am looking forward to whatever comes next.

All I can say is…go ahead buttercup, buckle up and call, write, or email Wendy and start your own incredible journey.  It will be worth it.  It takes courage, love and a boatload of hard work, but you will never be alone…Wendy will be with you every step of the way.  I am living proof that miracles happen when you open your heart and mind and work with Wendy."

Georgia Henzler, New York - October 11, 2016

UPDATE Oct 18, 2016: "Vision in left eye now at 20/30. Only need reading glasses...My doctor nearly fell off his chair. He is baffled by the healing. But I"m not."


"Very good, interactive session. Well crafted and tailored presentation to the forgiveness purpose of the group." 

Rand Yamasaki - HI

"Well paced, simple to understand, process and use. If you ever have an opportunity to hear Wendy or to use her services, I encourage you to do so."

Melissa C. - Hononlulu HI

"Since I have been working with Wendy as my personal coach and healer, my life has transformed in such a short time in so many ways.

I have never been so clear and focused on my life's purpose and goals.

Her business coaching skills are precise and effective that has produced remarkable results in my life. And as a healer, she has helped me resolve and heal deep levels of my past that had limited me and kept me stuck. With her help, I was able to break through my old patterns and connect with my greatness. She is well worth your time and money. 

Thank you, Wendy, you are a blessing to this planet."

Warm Aloha, Joy Alboro, Hawaii

"I always suspected that I had limiting beliefs when it came to money. While I wanted to make more money in my business, I just couldn't bring myself to raise my fees or justify my rates. After three sessions with Wendy, I had one amazing week! She correctly identified my "blocks", but more importantly helped me break free of these limiting beliefs and fears.

A client emailed me stating that he wanted me to call him about a "complaint" he had over my work. I called him, and his complaint was that I was not charging enough. He insisted on sending me four times the invoice. Then I received an email from another client congratulating me on my sales bonus that I didn't even know that I had earned. But in this case the check was in the mail.

And the third happening for the week was an unexpected insurance check cashing in on a policy I also never knew existed. I was a young child when the relative started the policy.

Wow, Wendy! Thank you for teaching me how to manifest money by breaking free of limiting beliefs."

Leisa Good

"Thank you for the session. Everything you said was spot on. I hung up the phone and kept saying, "That was amazing!!" over and over. The difference in my life is amazing. I feel love for myself - like I am filled with love. I feel more secure in my marriage and more love is there between us. At the end of the session I felt as if the sun's rays were warming and comforting me and then there were billows of love that came down and swept over me. I'd never felt that before. In fact, I have never felt that level of love before. Ever! And I am over 60 years old! I wish everyone knew about you."

Joanne Mulder, Tasmania, Australia

"(our session) changed my way of thinking from negative to positive. The changes happened so fast! Ever since I experienced (a session) with Wendy, positive things have come my way. I will definitely have more "energy" sessions with Wendy."

UT - Teenager who wishes to remain anonymous

"I was shocked with my results after one hour of (session) with Wendy. I unexpectedly got a full time job two days after my session. I didn't even apply for the job. The boss knew me and called me out of the blue. My relationship with my family grew stronger right away and my feelings towards my dad have greatly improved. I am eager to have more (sessions). Thank you, Wendy!"

UT - Teenager who wishes to remain anonymous

"Being a full-time working mom saps a lot out of me. I'm constantly in need of renewal and clarity; something to give me more focus and harness the internal drive to do more and to live the life I ultimately want - the life of a best-selling author. Daily struggles for time and energy rank high on my list.

But the ultimate fight is against myself and my own internal stumbling blocks. They are the things that bog me down and drain my energy - they stop me like a brick wall. Wendy helps me see all that - she breaks through those walls and helps me clear them, painlessly and without effort.

Already in a short time, I've become more relaxed and focused. Things that used to require so much energy are effortless. Even better, abundance has begun to flow into my life. Money and opportunities have appeared where before there was nothing. And I know there's just more coming. I can't wait to see what my future holds."

April Morelock, Indiana

"I’ve been blessed with being able to have several healing sessions with Wendy. Each manifested differently within me, which shows that once the ‘ground work’ has been laid, our bodies, minds, spirits and souls choose how and at what speed to integrate new information.

The first was very swift—releasing powerful negative thoughts and feelings over the course of a few days, and replacing them with a greater sense of inner peace. The results of the second session integrated much slower, revealing insights and ‘ah-ha’ moments over the course of time—even several months later.

Certainly we all experience ups and downs within the framework of life, but I believe spiritual healing in the form of "energy healing" processes raises our baseline of health so that we may consciously build on this foundation by confidently making positive changes in our lives. Besides being incredibly knowledgeable, professional and experienced, Wendy has the ability to ‘help us help ourselves’ in a tangible, heartfelt way!"

Patti Rae - UT

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