Emotional Healing Changes Lives
For The Better

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Today is a new day. A perfect day for emotional healing. And healing your heart. But what does this mean? It means giving yourself permission to let go of your painful past…Once and for all.

It means allowing more love and joy to flow to you naturally.

To move forward with a new way of living…Living in a state of divine happiness with a solid connection to this lifetime and your higher self.

It means to stop carrying the weight of your pain body state**.   To take any lessons you may have learned from your past and build upon them for a greater NOW. And future.

It means to be willing to redefine who you are. To let healing and finding happiness be the New You.

It means living every day as a new opportunity to spread love to others as you heal your heart and open yourself up to deeply love yourself.

**(if you suffer from physical dis-ease, it's highly recommended that you look into the possible underlying emotional elements attached.)

Why Emotional Health Is Important

Studies show that people who are happy and live life with great joy:

  • Live longer
  • are healthier mentally and physically
  • have higher earning potential
  • handle day-to-day stress easier
  • laugh more
  • have better relationships with family and friends
  • get along with co-workers better

But the one big question you may have is, "How can this happen for me too?"

My experience is that the fastest way to great joy , finding inner peace and healing my shattered heart was by taking the first step towards the process of letting go…

The Brilliance of Science
and Emotional Healing

We all have emotional scars from a traumatic childhood. Events that stick to you like melted gum clinging to the bottom of your shoe.

You know it’s there but you can’t seem to shake it off. You don’t want to touch it because it’s too messy to deal with and hope it disappears on its own…but it doesn’t.

This gripping torment extinguishes the bright light that you were born with and distorts your outlook on life. When you lose our glow...your inner spark...you become sick and weak.

And you walk around with an invisible protective barrier keeping you "safe".

We also suffer humiliating, defeating, sorrow-filled events from adulthood that silently chip away at our confidence...At our believing in the beauty and zest for life.

This can cause you to:

  • loath yourself
  • not be able to look at yourself in the mirror
  • criticize yourself and OTHERS
  • abuse your body with over-eating/junk food/drugs/excessive alcohol
  • compulsive shopping/hoarding
  • engaging in one bad relationship after another
  • become physically sick
  • or in other ways you many not even realize

You carry these traumas not only in the hidden closets of your mind but also in the fabric of your being...

One of those places is ...From your ancestors.

Here's what I mean...

Your Emotional Health Started
Before Birth

To summarize what the brilliant cell biologist and author of "Biology Of Belief: Unleashing thePower ofConsciousness, Matter and Miracles", Dr. Bruce Lipton discovered while doing research at Stanford University - is that your emotions are stored in your cells.

That means stressful and traumatic experiences stay stuck in your body. The more emotional stress locked up in your cell memory, the faster you are set up for dis-ease and unhappiness.

As if that isn't enough emotional baggage to break your spirit, you might be surprised to hear that we also hold the energies of our ancestors in our cells as well.

Hold on to your keyboard here...another big surprise is that you pick up the energy (good and bad) between your parents at conception, take on your mother's emotions in utero and throughout the birthing process.

This means that you, as a developing human, burst into this life with a bunch of "crap" that wasn't yours!

Another genius, in my eyes, is Professor Marcus Pembry of the Child Health UCL. He goes into great detail about how we carry forward experiences and beliefs through our genetic line. His BBC documentary, "The Ghost in Our Genes", clearly explains this phenomena of epigenetics.

No wonder a grounded, happy life seems impossible! You're packing around generations of drama that isn't yours as well as the crud you collected along the way. Battling stress and unhappiness day after day is exhausting!

The Mind of the Heart

Your heart is your receiver and transmitter. It's scientifically proven that your incredible heart senses what's about to happen about 3 seconds before an event. 

It takes this information and rapidly sends a message to your organs and cells. 

If the event is positive and loving, then your heart broadcasts that life is good. You are safe. 

But...if anything negative happens...whether real or perceived, your heart alerts the rest of your body to be on guard. Something bad is about to happen. Protect yourself.

Over time, with repeated transmissions of pain and suffering, your body begins to create a back log of trauma. Dis-ease sets in. You build a protective wall around you to keep the bad stuff away.

So, what you want to do to correct this:

  • Begin to heal your heart
  • Replace damaging, destructive emotions with forgiveness and letting go of the old
  • Know that you deserve and are worthy of love

And There's More...

In addition to our ancestral baggage and heart wall, here are other ways that add emotional suffering: These are not necessarily in the "safe" zone for most of society but I'll tell you anyway...

  • Past life trauma
  • Your souls healing agenda for this life time
  • Negative energies that attach them selves to you
  • Archetypes that hold you back
  • Old contracts that no longer serve you

Here is something that will make you jump for joy though...

You can heal your heart and life on all levels with the universal power of energy.

The Excitement of Energy Healing

Healing energy is one of the most exciting gifts from the universe. It's an almost magical way of clearing emotional stress. And balancing your inner being.

You can think of energy healing as a form of emotional therapy but without having to relive the details of trauma over and over again.

Clearing and healing negative energy stored in your body and healing your heart is pivotal for banishing emotional and physical pain and suffering and allowing abundance into your life.

Dr. Bruce Lipton alludes to the power of energy healing as the way to heal our traumatized cells and cell memory. Without this clearing, you won't be able to fully shake that internal nagging. 

You hold the key to your wellness. Only you can give permission to unlock the door, step through it and make the decision to heal now. 

Still not sure if healing your emotions is right for you? Click here for more clarity.

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of their minds.”

...Albert Schweitzer Nobel Prize winner, philosopher, physician

When you heal your heat and let go of the unhappiness embedded in your being, miracles happen.

Then you will experience an ultimate joy-filled life which is also known as Elevated Living In A New Era!

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"Wendy is as different as they come and I mean that as a compliment! She is SO out of the box because she uses so many tools and gets deeply in touch with the spiritual self - not many people do what she does.

Working with Wendy brought me peace, reconnected me to Source, my higher self and helped me clear trauma."

DA, Florida