De-Stressing Your Life With The C.A.L.M. System.©

Chaos-Restriction-Anger-Poverty Mindset  
Clarity+ Action+ Love+ Manifesting!

Did you know that finding happiness is not an illusion? Or only for the elite? Or someone else?

It’s for you too.

Stress relief is what you deserve. To be blunt…Your life depends on it.

I know this for a fact because living a lifetime of major stress nearly killed me. Life knocked me up one side of the head, spit me out on the cold hard ground, then slapped me again. And again. Most of my life was stuck in a vicious cycle of chaos, anger/rage/hatred, a poverty mindset and resisting what every human needs for survival…self-love.

What I learned, before it was too late, is that having life balance, inner peace and being in control of myself was critical. Not only for survival, but for real joy beyond my then wildest imagination.

These lessons were powerful and I found that I had a gift in helping others de-stress their life, clear the crap and put themselves back in charge of their life.

One way of doing this is through what I’ve developed as the C.A.L.M. System©

What is the C.A.L.M. System?©

As you know, life balance is critical for finding happiness, well-being and stress-relief. The C.A.L.M. System©gives you:  

  • Powerful, proven tools that you can use in your daily life
  • Helps you identify areas that need deeper exploring
  • Safe ways of releasing old behaviors that no longer serve you
  • Set up a powerful support system
  • Part holistic healing
  • Part life coaching...depending on your needs!

What areas are covered?

Life Clarity for Success

Start at the beginning of designing your life from today forward. Without knowing what you desire, you’ll keep getting what you already have. You’ll walk through thought provoking exercises designed to help you tap into creating your ideal life. Use your senses, identify toxic connections that hold you back and more. 



Ah, the big “F” word! It’s one of the most powerful acts in the human experience.  This process helps you identify those who have wronged you, open your heart and let go of the pain.  Forgiving others is the best gift you give YOU. Why? Holding on to grudges only hurts you. NOT the other person. You deserve better.


Love starts with Self.  Unfortunately, you possibly don’t feel worthy, like a failure, or unlovable…These are all LIES we tell our self.  Now is the time to step up and embrace the most important person of all… YOU!

Money Beliefs/blocks/fears

When you think of manifesting, does money come to mind? If so, then this program will help you identify sources of your money blocks, helpful tools to release them and empower you to become a powerful manifestor.

Relationships That Matter

Use helpful tools to build better relationships with your partner, yourself and anyone else important in your life.

Stress-relief Action Plan

Stress can kill you if you don’t learn how to manage yourself. Taking care of yourself is vital. Identify areas of stress and how you can shift into more control and nurture yourself. Plus I’ll share possibly health-saving insights from one of my most respected doctors and healers.

Self-coaching tools

Having a goal, dream or desire is great! But that is only the beginning. Where do you go from there to turn your vision into reality? I share some of my basic , but powerful steps to get you on the path to taking action! You’ll learn how to break each step down to prevent overwhelm. Priceless!

And more!


Options For Enrollment

3 Levels of one-on-one

Work with me privately, at your own pace from the privacy of your home. This intimate way of growing, learning and creating a new perspective on life will change you on a core level. It's powerful!

You get to decide if you prefer coaching, a healing session or combo. You're in charge!

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Group Coaching 

Join others as you learn and grow together. Groups are limited to 6 at a time and all sharing is kept confidential.

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