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You Matter

Forgiveness... gratitude...and love. That's what you get out of life when you finally realize that you matter.

This presentation is based in part on sharing from my book, Healing Your Soul In A Chaotic World: Defying The Odds of Sanity and Survival.

I share how my life experiences relates to the audience, insights on self-discovery and helpful, healing tools that anyone can use.

As someone who used to hate, buried the urge to kill, felt like God's biggest mistake, I know pain. Thankfully I learned how to transmute all of that and heal. Now life is filled with love, forgiveness and gratitude. 

I speak from my heart with more personal sharing than teaching. I've found that by being brave and vulnerable, great change happens:

  1. People identify with my story, 
  2. Open up to their own pain and 
  3. ...Begin to heal from the inside out

I'm truly honored to be a voice for hope, healing and manifesting a beautiful life.

Transform Your Life:
How To Reach Your Goals, Dreams and Desires

Setting and reaching goals, dreams and desires is possible for everyone. You simply must know how to get clear, get started and keep going.

My Transform Your Life interactive workshop walks you through the process one step at a time.

You’ll walk away with a clear action plan that includes: How to break down the process into the first logical step, identify blocks and destructive patterns...

...and learn my favorite (and everyone else’s) simple process of preventing overwhelm. It's a crowd favorite!

During this 90 minute presentation, I shares how I turned my "impossible" dream of moving to Hawaii into a reality. Nay sayers who didn't believe in her vision, drive and faith in the universe against all odds are still shaking their heads and asking, "How'd she do that?"


Got Stress? Bust
Create Your New Stress Relief Action Plan!

It's time to relax and reconnect with your beautiful self. Have fun learning useful tools to maintain balance and keep your sanity during stressful times.

Empower yourself as you:

  • Switch from chaos to calm
  • Create new "go to" strategies to stay in control
  • Get informed about a real danger to your health that your medical provider may not tell you about

You can't always control a situation but you can learn to control your reaction. Whether you have chronic stress or situational stress, you'll feel better with effective skills that support you during challenging times. 

You'll walk away with a personalized Stress Relief Action Plan!

This fun, interactive workshop brings a new perspective on stress and will empower you to start controlling stress, rather than stress controlling you.


Need More Clients?

Magnetize Your Energy & Amp Up Your Client Attraction:
Secrets to Powerfully Co-Creating Business With the Universe

Do you find yourself struggling to find clients? 

Would you rather clients find YOU?

It's time to stop struggling as an entrepreneur and start thriving! You'll learn powerful steps to making yourself attractive to clients. 

Other people teach and preach the basics from the "outside" of business. But what's missing is what's on the INSIDE. 

You'll discover the power behind:

  • The critical piece of clarity that's missing in your business
  • Why a daily ritual is so important and how to customize your own
  • The power and vital aspect of clearing out your CRAP!
  • How to harness the universe and delegate critical tasks
  • Identify your circle of influence and relegating "who goes where"
  • Emphasis on a key factor that most business overlook or take for granted
  • #1 way to get clients to come to you, brag about you and refer you

This workshop comes as a 90 min - 2 hour presentation. It's considered "The missing piece" of business.

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Manifesting More Money...
Do you know where your money blocks come from?

You might be surprised!

Come join the fun in this introductory, interactive time where you'll:

  • Gain more clarity abut your money
  • Explore money blocks and beliefs
  • Learn helpful tools to let goof past money issues
  • Insights on becoming a powerful manifestor
  • And more!

You are worth of all the money you desire. It's your birthright. Now is the perfect time to open yourself up to receiving what is yours.

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"Your presentation on Stress was great! You have a wonderful sense of humor and super knowledgeable about the subject. You need to create Part 2!"

Julie C. Honolulu

"I loved your positive energy and attitude. I just wish it had been longer."

K. Barrett, Honolulu

"You speak from the heart, funny, and personable. Great presentation!"



"Very informative"

"She gave me hope!"

"I attend a lot of speaking events and she is the best I've heard."

"She's a natural speaker"

"Amazing, helpful, great material"

"Thanks for showing me how to deal with overwhelm!"

"I loved it! You spoke what always lacks in conventions, (client attraction) that I was wondering if anyone will ever notice this is crucial to human survival and the missing piece of the puzzle. You have completed the Master Divine Peace!"

Sandra Gold

"Loved, loved, the client attraction technique! Thank you for reminding me about the power of the Ho'Opnopono Prayer!"

CeCe Espeut

"Love how open and vulnerable you let yourself be. I really needed to witness your morning ritual, so thank you for that. Your presentation was clear, concise and powerful!"

Jessica M.R.

"I really enjoyed her presentation. It was very practical and inspiring. I am motivated to a deeper place of self-reflection and love it! Very committed to my daily ritual."

L. Gutierrez

"Great energy and authenticity. Thank you!"

Michelle R.

"Very intriguing presentation. Great ways to release whatever burdens that I had." Honolulu

"You were awesome and really helped get me back to where I need to be mentally." Honolulu

"Thank you. Feeling wealthy with a release of money blocks." Caroline P. HI

"Interesting, informative and engaging...Thank you, Wendy"  

K.R. Honolulu

"Well done. Great value."

Richard C.  HI

"Very instant powerful energy regarding presentation. Amazing tips to do daily and apply it."

K. Blando, HI

"This Forgiveness event reminds me of many things I have known that I have taken for granted and will cherish with your enlightenment."

Ellen - Honolulu

"Mahalo nui loa for your gift of forgiveness today!

M. Chiner - HI