Your Birthright Revealed

In this life, I firmly believe you have six fundamental "birthrights”. Too many of us grow up being dictated as to what our rights are according to someone else’s opinions and ideas of who or what we should be or do.

If you were brought up this way, or had a traumatic experience that caused you to lose sight of who you really are, then here is a loving reminder of what you deserve. These six birthrights are only the basics. Start with these, and fill in the rest of your story with your desires.

Emotional clearing and personal development can help you claim these birthrights and live from a beautiful, fulfilling place.

One: You deserve to love and be loved -- You know what I mean. So many of us live life muffled from all the emotions surrounding us. It keeps us from forming the powerful relationships we want and crave. It keeps you from doing those things you know will make your life come vibrantly alive.

Clearing the "crud" that's blocking your divine brilliance breaks through the subconscious barriers and frees you up to finally feel again (or possibly for the first time) and in turn to build lasting, warm relationships.

Two: You deserve to be valued for who you are and who you are becoming -

There is only one unique and wonderful YOU. Don't let life drag you under - reach out to get the help you need now.

Each of us must follow a unique path. Unfortunately, the path you are on right now might be filled with pain and unbelievable moments of desperation. Let me help you find some sanity and work through all the muck.

Three: You deserve to feel safe to honor and accept who you are -- You have a birthright, to live your dreams and to prosper. We're happiest when we're doing what we were created to do. Don't let other's fears and anxieties keep you from that destiny.

Once you clear the original trauma that set you up for pain and suffering, you will be free to honor who you are. You will gain clarity as to your own uniqueness and push through to find the success and health that you dream about.

Four: You deserve abundance in all areas of life, enough to satisfy you: Life was meant to be lived with love and joy. When you're in those moments, everything is effortless.

Grab hold of all that is yours and embrace the abundance of your life.

Five: You deserve to be your authentic self - There's a visionary and dreamer inside wanting to break out. That's your authentic self - the self that hasn't been trodden and buried under the vagaries of life. It's screaming for you to take charge and live the life you were meant to live.

Emotional healing can help you finally find the confidence and that inner fire and harness it to make unbelievable things happen - whether you're escaping pain and bad health or wanting to pursue something bigger and better - it needs to start now.

Six: You deserve to live and enjoy a long, healthy life - undoubtedly there will always be ups and downs but you deserve to be healthy and whole - able to enjoy your life to its fullest. You know there are things you need to do every day.If you're like a lot of people, it's hard to do what you know is right - whether that's shedding unwanted pounds or picking up an exercise program.

Once you get rid of all your "stuff" that is blocking your in-born brilliance, the things you dread doing become effortless and second nature. The mental blocks disappear, allowing you to finally live the lifestyle you really want with an energy and vibrancy you won't believe until you experience it.

Why Claim Your Birthright Now?

Claiming your birthright is one step towards finding happiness that everyone deserves to experience. If you aren’t living all six steps, what’s holding you back?

By claiming your birthright now, you are not only raising your vibration and allowing the Universe to deliver what is rightfully yours. You are also aiding in healing others around you.

You will quickly start to remember how brilliant, beautiful and magnificent you really are!