Take Control And Gain Balance Of Your Life 
With The Help of
A Transformational Life Coach 

Have you ever had a goal, dream or desire that you just couldn't seem to reach on your own? If so, that's okay. You're not alone!


Do you have a situation in your life that you'd like help with trying to figure out how to solve or resolve?


...help with improving your health - losing weight, getting fit, eating more healthfully  

...forming a better relationship with your spouse, child, co-worker, boss

...increase your money flow

...Organize your life

...stay focused and grounded while making a big life change

...have what seems like an "impossible dream" yet you hold out hope that you can make it happen?

...gain clarity

...stop letting stress control you

...but you're not sure what steps to take?

 That's where a life coach can help.

You may still be wondering...

Do I Really Need A Coach?

Great question!

Take a moment and review the following areas in your life. Be honest with yourself. Rate your happiness in each key aspect of life.

On a scale of 0 - 10, with 0 = miserable and 10 = Elated! Where do you find yourself?

  • Money - I have plenty of money! Score______
  • Health and Wellness - I couldn't be healthier if I tried! Score_____
  • Spiritual - I'm solid in my belief! Score _____
  • Relationships - (spouse, children, other family members, co-workers) - We all get along great! Score _____
  • Emotional Part A (past and present blocks) - Nothing is stopping me! Score____
  • Emotional Part B: STRESS!!!! - Nope, that's under control! Score____
  • Professional - I'm perfectly happy with my job! Score____

After careful and honest consideration, did any area of your life score below an 8? If so, let's talk.

As a Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Master Spiritual Coach, I will:

  1. Guide you on your path to transformation
  2. Be your accountability partner
  3. Biggest support system
  4. Be your sounding board
  5. And best of all...help you bring out your innate genius that's waiting to be unleashed

What Makes a Great Coach?

If you've never experienced coaching before, once you get started, you'll wonder why you didn't work with one sooner. Reaching goals, gaining balance and peace within months, rather than years - or never at all - will change your life beyond your current expectations or imagination.

But it's important to work with a coach who you trust and like. Here's a few tips to look for in a coach:

- Someone who is a good listener

- Someone who celebrates your victories and acknowledges your action and inaction

- Someone to keep you on track

- Someone compassionate

- Someone who empowers you 

- Someone who is authentic

- Someone who is on your team 

Please note: A coach is NOT a guru. Or a therapist of any sort. Or consultant.

Does This Sound Like You?

- Someone who is ready to take charge of life! Tired of dashed dreams, chaos, stopping and starting and stopping again

- Someone who is ready to take action

- Someone who is ready to stop drowning and learn how to swim.

Did you know that working with a dedicated coach is a secret weapon of top achievers?

That's right...no one reaches the "Top" alone. It takes a loyal, trustworthy team to make great things happen. 

Investing In Yourself

 Take action now and Contact me today to schedule your FREE 15-minute LIFE CLARITY SESSION!

"Having Wendy as a life coach has been far and away the best investment dollar for dollar that I have ever made."

Tyco Vai, Hawaii

Transformational Dream Coach, author of Dream=MC2

"Working with Wendy as a life coach is empowering. She helped me gain clarity, confidence and insights about myself and my goals that I didn't realize before. What I love and appreciate about her is that she works from the heart which shows she genuinely cares about people being successful."

M. Murray, Hawaii


"Wendy pointed out many positive aspects that I hadn't really thought about before. She made me see that it was only myself holding me back and that I had the power to change that.

"I feel more focused and with her help have been able to clearly see what direction I really want to take instead of settling for where I thought I "should" go.

"I was amazed at how what I needed was right in front of me but I couldn't see it until Wendy helped me to see it was there all along. Wendy also helped me set very specific goals for the upcoming week that I know are achievable and are heading in the right direction. It was a very positive session and I look forward to reporting back to Wendy at how I've gone."

C J, Australia