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I make it a priority that we get to know each other a bit before agreeing to work with each other in any capacity. It's important that you feel comfortable with me. 

That's why I offer a Complimentary 30-minute consultation. No obligation. Ever. We'll chat about how you can best be helped.  

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Transformational Options

1) Premium - coaching and/or healing. Work one-on-one for 12 months (Most powerful and for the serious soul ready for exponential growth)

2) Deluxe - coaching and/or healing. One-on-one for 3-6 month (3 different package options) - (You choose your intensity level)

3) One-up - Single session - 60 min. 

4) Ultimate Breakthrough - THE most powerful, personalized transformational day. This 6-8 hr, one-on-one goes deep to the core of your heart and soul. This intensive experience is for those ready to go deep.

Options covered in detail during

Complimentary Consultation

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New! Group Coaching

If one-on-one sessions isn't right for you, then you might be interested in...

Your Soul's Awakening Mentoring

Letting go of the old and creating a new you…Delve into the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your soul’s relationships that include with self, God/Universe, family and others.

Through your journey of awakening and self-discovery you will learn –

  • How to open up to your higher greatness, 
  • step into wholeness through love and joy and 
  • unplug from the negative human collective consciousness

It’s time to fly higher, feel balanced, empowered and step into who you really are!


  • Two live calls per month with weekly topic for growth and expansion
  • Replay of calls posted on secret Face Book page
  • Interaction with me and others on FB page
  • Access to training, tips and tools not shared with the general public

Duration: Ongoing

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New! Access to C.A.L.M. System©

Self-Study Program

Clear your CRAP and get CALM… Clear the Chaos, Restriction, Anger and Poverty mindset…Get Clarity, Action, Love and Manifesting

Take an in-depth look at what makes you tick. Identify your limiting beliefs and blocks that are keeping you stuck. Learn powerful tools to move past and be free.  A fun, safe, home study setting for diving into: life clarity, forgiveness, gratitude, relationships, money blocks, self-love, stress relief. 

Bonus: Plus Key Concepts and Mp3’s that talk to the subconscious mind for healing, growth and motivation. And more. Includes printed material

You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.”

Contact me now for more information on transforming your life today. Simply fill out the Contact form below. Mahalo!

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Listen to what other people who let me help them with their journey through finding happiness sessions have to say….

"I was drained of energy for several weeks and came down with a sore throat, swollen glands, feeling tired and kept having anxiety reactions when thinking about a major family issue. I worked with Wendy for about 20 minutes on my lunch break and by the time we hung up, my throat felt better and a sense of peace came over me. After a good night sleep, I woke up feeling 90% better physically and the anxiety around the family issue was GONE!"

P.D. Utah

"My daughter and I came down with the flu. She had runny diarrhea and vomiting. Within one hr of working with Wendy, both my daughter and I were well again! I'm shocked and have told people about what she did for us."

M.R. Honolulu