You Deserve To Live A
Joy-filled, Love-Filled Life!

    What’s hurting and robbing you of the joy and love that you deserve?

Are you stressed to the max?....Down in the dumps? ....Anxious?...Unable to silence your nagging inner critic? 

     If you're like most people, you aren't really happy down to your core...but at least a tiny part of you hopes that life can change. No doubt you struggle with low self-worth, a yearning to feel loved, shame, grief, abandonment issues, or betrayal. 

     Maybe you juggle too many balls in the air at once, afraid of telling someone "no" and keep piling on the pressure...all in hopes of feeling needed, wanted, validated and...loved.

   Something keeps you awake at night, doesn't it? Maybe not every night, but often enough to cause problems. An inner voice nags at you, reminding you that something is wrong. Maybe you feel like a screw-up.

     What do you do about it? You paint on a happy face and pretend that life is perfect.

After all, who doesn't? Right? 

     When you're drowning in all of this inner chaos you "lose sight" of who you really are. In fact, you might even wonder, "Who am I and what's the point?"

     Something bad happened to you somewhere, sometime in your life. The event is still stuck inside you and will stay there, looping like a video on replay, until you let it out and heal it.

     When did the trauma happen? Where you a child? An adult? Or both?

I’m curious…

     If you knew that there was a proven way to change all of these defeating feelings, let go of negative past experiences that still haunt you...raise your happiness and life satisfaction level...

Would you do something about it?

     If you discovered how to reclaim your personal power and open doors to:

  • Better relationships (starting with yourself)
  • Love
  • More money
  • Improved health
  • And living with GUSTO!

...Would you be willing to take action?

     Would you be committed to taking charge, once and for all, and change your life for the better?

If so, know can!



     If so, this is when the real magic happens. This is when you start living a joy-filled life…full of endless possibilities beyond your wildest dreams.

     My name is Wendy Lee Baldwin. I'm a holistic healer, Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Master Spiritual Coach, Key Note speaker, and author. Over the course of time, I've helped thousands of people feel better and step into their greatness. It's my passion and life mission to help anyone ready to finally be happy and live a joyful life be....

Free of...

  • Insecurity
  • Feeling unloved
  • Giving up on life
  • Abandonment 
  • Rejection
  • Grief
  • Blame/Guilt
  • Addiction

     One of the ways I LOVE helping people like you live happier is with my proven transformational system. This is where I take you by the hand and walk with you through the process of reclaiming your power and changing your life.

     I've taken what I learned from over a decade of experience working with others, constant training and daily application, then streamlined and packaged the fastest, most effective path to guide you on your journey to finding happiness.

     Clients who work with me rave about how quickly they changed their life by working with me and going through my proven transformational system.

     You see, I used to feel like you do right now and had to learn the hard way that if you don't stop the madness, the madness will stop you. Literally...As in disease, teetering on the edge of living and dying...Or going emotionally nuts.

     My life used to be ridiculously out of control. I was sick, unhappy and didn't know if I would live long enough to celebrate my 50th birthday. You can read a snippet about my journey by clicking here if you want.

    It's my passion and mission to share with you how to take charge of your life. Right NOW! Before another day blows by. 

Together we will:

  • Help you heal what hurts
  • Fill in what’s lacking/missing
  • Clear the chaos – DE-STRESS!!
  • Empower you
  • Set up better coping skills
  • Devise an action plan
  • Set you FREE

...All in a safe, loving and nurturing environment

     If you are serious about wanting to create a happy life, the one you secretly pray that is possible...the one your deserve...then you must :

  1. Be dedicated
  2. Be open to real change
  3. Be willing to move through the fear (don't worry, you won't be alone!)
  4. Be willing to invest in yourself (you are worth it!)

     If you are serious about all four of these points, then my proven transformational system might be right for you. 

The Transformational System

     Your transformational process looks, in part, like this. It's made up of three basic areas:

1) Emotional healing (deep, core issues resolved on multiple levels)

2) Coaching (guidance in moving forward)

3) C.A.L.M. System© Clear the Chaos, Restriction, Anger and Poverty - Get Clarity, Action, Love and Manifesting! (a series of programs that I created targeted towards key areas of life) 

You deserve to live the best life possible. I'm here to hold your hand, guild you out of the darkness and let your greatness shine!

I Acknowledge you...

You've survived something painful. Maybe lots of deep, almost unbearable suffering eats away at you, day in and day out.

What I want you to know is this...

Reaching out for help takes tremendous courage. Whether you reach out to me...or someone else...simply taking the scary first step is the hardest. The journey gets easier from there.

As soon as you ask for help, celebrate how brave you are. And know that you are worth it.

You are priceless! You deserve to live the rest of your life in a state of peace, joy and love. You deserve to be FREE of what's hurting inside. 

Side note...

This may or may not surprise you but the REAL you is buried beneath...

  • the illusions of other people’s beliefs
  • misconception,
  • traumatic life events
  • and false truths that you fell victim to a long time ago that started you closing down a vital part of your life force - your heart.
  • And STRESS!

It's time to stop hurting. And start LIVING a Joy-filled, Love-filled life!

Contact me now and we'll set up a

Complimentary Consultation

Wendy Baldwin is a Holistic healer, Inspirational Key Note speaker, Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Master Spiritual Coach and author of:  

Healing Your Soul In A Chaotic World..Defying The Odds Of

Sanity and Survival

An unconventional blueprint for letting go and transforming your life...


Creator of the C.A.L.M. System© Clear the Chaos, Restriction, Anger and Poverty - Get Clarity, Action, Love and Manifesting!

* * *

Contact me now for a

Complimentary Consultation

 “When you love yourself, it’s

as if everything falls into place by magic.”

“All healing is first a healing of the heart” – Carl Townsend

Letting Go of the Pain and Suffering and
Gain Rapid Relief Through Healing! 

Stop carting around your excess baggage. It’s exhausting, destructive and limiting. Not to mention no longer needed. Wendy helps you dive through the muck and inner chaos to heal the destructive causative emotions at their nucleus.

Wendy is considered a transformative healer trained in multiple healing modalities. This provides a platform for everyone to feel safe and comfortable.

Her grace, ease and connection to energy is second to none. She’s cleared her “crap” and brings others up to meet her vibration.

Personal Coaching – Accelerate Your
Happiness Quotient With Success

Successful people work one on one with a coach to help them stay on track, avoid pitfalls and maintain a critical steady support system. 

The only other person who cares about your success as much as you do is a loving, supportive coach.

If you have a goal, dream or desire, you can turn it into reality – provided it’s humanly achievable. Nothing is too small, too silly or unreachable.

You won’t find a coach quite like Wendy. She comes across as gentle but will “hold your feet to the fire”  and "kick your butt" to keep you on track. She lovingly guides you towards opening yourself up to your inner genius who already has all the answers.

She’s a Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Master Spiritual Coach

Fun and Action Packed Speaking Events! 

Setting and reaching goals, dreams and desires is possible for everyone. You simply must know how to get clear, get started and keep going.

Her Transform Your Life speaking workshop walks you through the process one step at a time.

You’ll walk away with a clear action plan that includes: How to break down the process into the first logical step, identify blocks and destructive patterns...

...and learn her favorite (and everyone else’s) simple process of preventing overwhelm.

People report feeling empowered and achieving a level of healing simply by attending one of Wendy’s workshops.


* * *LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information provided in/on this website is for educational purposes only as well as to give you general information and a general understanding of what is considered alternative "healing", not to provide specific advice. By reading this website you understand that there is no professional relationship between you and the author, Wendy Baldwin or Align With Joy. None of the information on this website is backed by scientific proof or approved by the FDA. You assume all risk. The information provided in this  website should not be used as a substitute for competent professional advice from a professional licensed doctor or practitioner in your state.

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"I have experimented in many forms of healing and therapy, and I have been very pleased to experience the gifts of Wendy Baldwin, whose approach to healing work is completely unique. Thanks to Wendy's guidance, I have found ways to address issues from my past in ways that reach way back into my family origins. This approach has opened up new opportunities, and allowed me to overcome some serious roadblocks in my ability to fulfill my potential, not only as a writer, but more importantly, as a human being and friend."

 Russell Rowland, 

author of...

High and Inside, In Open Spaces, and The Watershed Years

"I also want to commend you in your support of male issues. It is through the compassionate attitude of women such as yourself, that true male healing will occur." 

S.W. - Honolulu

Wendy is professional, compassionate, and engaged. I am a firm believer in a mind-body connection and recently sought Wendy's help when I started to experience heart issues and lower back pain. She helped me heal some childhood trauma and through her guidance, imagery, and depth of knowledge, I've gained well- being and peace of mind. I highly recommend Wendy as an experienced healer and life coach."

M. Harward,

Park City, UT