Who Can Benefit From Emotional Healing?

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If you are wondering if you can benefit from emotional healing, take a moment and consider the following:

  • Holding emotional pain inside your body leads to stress and inflammation.
  • As open-minded doctors and science proves, stress and inflammation lead to disease and overall malaise. Leaving you sick, tired and wondering, “What happened to my life? How did I get like this?”
  • When you heal toxic emotions through emotional healing and relieve stress, your life will automatically change for the better. Science and open minded doctors admit that constant stress takes a toll on your body.
  • What is found is that when you live in a constant pain body state, your survival instinct switches into a state o f fight or flight
  • You were not designed to defend your life on a day to day basis. What used to be an emergency defense response to save you from real danger/dying is now considered the norm.
  • You exhaust your adrenals, build toxic waste that gets stored in your cells, retain viruses, bacteria, fungus, weaken your immune system and more.

And that’s not living by any sense of the word!

Instead of thriving – you’re existing. Huge difference between the two states of being.

When you thrive…you are alive!

When you simply exist…a part of you dies inside.

Time Is Of The Essence

Most people, and you may be one of them, can get away with living stressed out and unhappy for several years. And even decades. But over time you start to pay attention and acknowledge that something is wrong. Then before you know it, you’re ready to explode.

Enough is enough!

When you are ready to let go of what is hurting on the inside, you’ll be shocked at the changes you find when you interact with:

  • Your parents
  • Co-workers
  • Neighbors
  • Boss
  • Spouse/partner
  • Kids
  • Other family members
  • The slow driver in front of you
  • You will notice that you naturally become less defensive, more loving – of yourself and others. More forgiving. Less stressed and be more energized.

Authentic Happiness Can Be Achieved
Regardless Of Your Pain Story

Some people wonder if finding happiness and true emotional health is possible because of the extreme pain and suffering they have endured.

You may have the same question.

As unlikely as it may sound, the answer is a resounding YES! I say that with confidence because I know from my own experience of healing compounded abuse, scars and trauma. And I’m not alone.

People experience emotional healing every day, around the world, from broken lives that they thought they would never find relief from. I help them with this transition from being stressed out to finding happiness and inner peace.

What they find is that a lot of physical pains are relieved or disappear once the negative energy around the situation is cleared.

They find that traumatic events that are too painful to put into words become faded memories once the energetic charge is cleared.

They find that even though compounded trauma can take a bit of time to release and clear (you release and heal at your own pace) that the effort is worth getting their life back.

People find that by taking control of their healing, THEY control their life, instead of their pain story controlling them.

Talk about new found freedom!

Your Emotional Health Is Critical : It’s Time To Stop Pretending To Be Happy

I believe you will agree that in order feel authentic happiness, you need to be in a state of mental and emotional peace.

If you aren’t happy on the inside, you can only fake it for so long on the outside. Once your façade starts to crack, it’s hard to patch up the holes and hold yourself together.

Whether you’ve suffered from:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Feel abandoned by life/God/loved ones
  • Emotional trauma from being adopted, divorced parents, death of a loved one
  • Carry disease in your body
  • Confusion and torment in your mind
  • Feel unworthy
  • Exhausted
  • Unloved
  • Like a failure
  • Want more out of life but can’t break free from the blocks that life keeps throwing in front of you

If you relate to any of this, then you can benefit from emotional healing. It’s up to you to decide though how you choose to live the rest of your life.

When You Are Ready, Say, “Change My Life!”

It’s really as simple as making the first (possibly scary) decision to change. Changing life patterns and old ways of living can be hard at first. For one thing, you may not know “who you are” without your old story. You may not know “who you will become” or “what others will think”.

It’s okay and normal to feel this way. Take life change one day at a time.

Emotional healing with the aid of energy healing is no longer the “odd idea” or “witchcraft”. It is becoming mainstream, even in Western society. Using energy to heal dates back thousands of years.

The Asian culture is credited with the longest recorded history of healing with energy. They were on to something! Thankfully the option is readily available for everyone. Regardless of where you live.

One fun way I like to look at emotional healing using the power of your energy is this:

…You are your own genie in a bottle! Your wish is your command. Say you are ready for change. Then take the necessary steps to make it happen. You truly are the creator of your universe.

You may be shocked to discover how powerful you really are!

Have a question? Please feel free to contact me!