Healing Your Soul In A Chaotic World: Defying the Odds of Sanity and Survival


     This book is dedicated to everyone in my life: Past, present and future. Thank you for helping me become who I AM today. Without you being a vessel to reflect back to me what I needed to learn and heal in order to grow, I would not have experienced my soul’s expansion or remembered why I’m here.

     I’m deeply grateful to all of those who stood beside me, believed in me and loved me when I couldn’t love myself. I would not be alive today if it wasn’t for you and the whispers of the Universe/Source encouraging me to “hang on a little longer.” You, the parade of doctors and healers who worked with me were all answers to my prayers. Thank you for crossing my path and walking with me for the length of time that your services were needed. You not only helped me heal myself, but taught me what I needed to learn in order to become a healer, coach and safe place for others to land who are starving for help.

     A special note of gratitude goes out to all of the cutting edge, modern scientists who prove that our cells store memories. Because of your brilliance, we now know, without a doubt, that every event, conversation and emotion that has happened in our life is imprinted in these cells and our brain. Everything is available for recall when accessed.


     Some of my memories come from conscious recollection. Others like those in Chapter 1, and older subconscious recollections, as well as past life events are relived through the power of key energy releasing processes. We are all energy and with our lives stored as such, the archives are accessible anytime one is ready to open that vault.

     Mahalo nui loa to everyone who helped me with this book…my labor of love…and gift to the world…you helped me make this possible. A HUGE shout out goes to my beloved big sister, Cindy Reed. You are the best big sister anyone could ask for. You wore many hats as you helped me get this manuscript to print. Not only did you catch a shameful amount of typing errors before going to press, you also gave me your unbiased editorial input. You even created an original oil masterpiece that encapsulates our story. I will figure out a way to show off your stunning artistic skills to the masses since it wasn’t used in this book as originally planned. Your love is always with me.

     A special shout out goes to Patrick Snow, my mentor and book savior. Thank you, Patrick for guiding me in making this a bigger and better tool in order to help more people. I love that we both have the same goal of helping mankind transform their life and step into their greatness.

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